The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel is a project directed to encourage the nation’s sustainable economic development by attracting foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration while at the same time ensuring environmental protection.  It covers an area of 465.4 square kilometers (180 sq. mi.), 45 Km. (28 mi.) west of Havana.
It has been conceived as an integral and harmonic whole connected with the rest of the economy. The Zone promotes and protects enterprises, industrial, agricultural, metal-mechanical and tourism projects and all types of activities permitted by Cuban law that use clean technologies and produce added value goods and services based on knowledge and innovation, encouraging the creation of quality employment that intellectually develops human capital within an environment of safety and good professional practices.
The Special Economic Development Zone of Mariel will be a touchstone for technological development in the region, a magnet to attract foreign capital and it will become a place that will provide for the growth of cutting-edge manufacturing and services that are permanently connected to the Cuban economy.

Some of its objectives are:

  • Attract foreign investment
  • Achieve industrial development that permits generating exports and promotes the replacement of imports
  • Promote the transfer of cutting-edge technology, know-how and managerial skills
  • Generate new sources of employment and long term financing
  • Develop infrastructures and services that allow providing an efficacious and efficient business platform, thereby contributing to the success of the investments being established there