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Know the Zone
Know the Zone

Mariel Special Development Zone is the first of its type in Cuba and enjoys a privileged geographic location, in the center of the Caribbean Sea, at the crossroads of the main maritime commercial traffic routes in the Western Hemisphere.
The Office of Mariel Special Development Zone is the entity attached to the Council of Ministers, in charge of managing the Zone, controlling its activities, elaborating and conducting its
Development and Business Program.
ZED Mariel provides a world class production and logistics platform which will enable an increase in national production levels, reduce import costs, boost growth, create jobs and facilitate direct foreign investment.
It is an area of the national territory, located in the north of Artemisa province, 45 km west of Havana, regulated by special regimes and policies, designed to attract investment in the production of goods and the provision of services with added value, using knowledge and innovation, as well as clean technologies, generating industrial concentration to replace imports, boost exports and generate new sources of employment.
Goods and services generated in ZED Mariel can be traded with all legal entities established in the country, inside or outside Mariel. Exports from Cuba are exempted from customs tariffs.

Our Objectives

The objectives of ZED Mariel are: Contribute to national development. Generate exports and promote imports replacement. Promote the transfer of Know-how, as well as business managerial skills. Attract foreign investment, as well as the establishment of national enterprises. Generate new sources of employment and long term financing. Ensure environmental sustainability. Develop the necessary infrastructure to contribute to economic progress. Create a highly efficient Logistics system. Guarantee the articulation with the rest of the Cuban economy.

Our Objectives

Especial Zone Sectorization

Sector H
Tourism and agriculture and livestock
Sector I
Agriculture and livestock
Sector G
Industry, quarrying and livestock
Sector F
Agricultural and quarrying
Sector E
Livestock and forestry
Sector C
Industry and tourism
Sector D
Livestock and forestry
Sector B
Sector A
Industry and logistics